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Dawn and Jim Blackburn

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Les Petites Pigs
Please visit our Nursery and Available Piglets page to find out more about available Juliana Pet Pigs and upcoming litters. If you are considering adding a Juliana Miniature Pet Pig to your family, please read all of the information on owning a pig as pet that you can get your hands on. As we are sure you have seen on other websites, there is a lot of miss-information out there. We will always tell it like it is. Owning a Juliana Miniature Pet Pig is not for everyone, you must be willing to put in the time and effort it takes to own a Pet Pig. But with great effort, comes great rewards. A Pet Pig IS NOT like owning a dog or a cat. If fact, we have dogs, cats, horses, chickens and ducks, and have had many other pets over our lifetimes, and we can say it is not like any other pet we have had. Yes, they are smart, if they they have access to their mother's litter pan, they will start using it with her the day they are born, from there they puppy pad train in days. But, unlike any of the animal we usually have as pets, pigs are not born trusting humans. They assume most everything around them is going to eat them, including us and rightfully so. This is where putting in the time and effort we are talking about above comes in. YOU MUST be ready to spend time with your new Pet Pig, and not rush him/her. From the day they are born we spend hours, holding them, putting a harness on and off, giving them a bath, setting in their pen with them just waiting for them to come over to us, teaching them that it is safe to be alone in a kennel, letting them explore the house (which is very scary to them), taking them outside on a harness, exposing them to the other animals (they love the dogs), scratching them and rubbing their bellies. And even though we have done all of this with each one, when they get to your house you will need to start all over again. Now, we will say, because we have done all this it shouldn't take you as long, but each Pig is different, and your house will be full of sights, sounds and smells that are all new and SCARY to a little Pig. Again, please read the rest of my pages and any other websites you can before purchasing a Pig as Pet. Welcome To Les Petites Pigs, home of the Juliana Pet Pig