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After many hours of reading, research and talking with my Veterinarian, we picked the Juliana Pig because it is a breed of pig, with a naturally small size.  There is a lot of information and misinformation about Mini, Micro and Super Mini pigs.  What I found was when I asked some of these breeders what breed of pigs they were breeding, they either couldn't tell me or stopped talking to me.





In other animal and livestock breeding programs there is a standard for the breed of animal or livestock you are breeding. Then you breed to insure healthy offspring with those desired characteristics.  You would never breed a "Runt", this would not be a desired trait when breeding for a healthy animal.  I understand the desire to have a smaller pig as a pet, but not at the risk of an unhealthy pig or making a claim that can not be backed up.


This is also where the horror stories you read about take root.  When you breed, lets say an American Yorkshire, which naturally weighs 200+ lbs. and you breed the runt from this pig to a KuneKune which is a smaller breed pig that naturally weights around 100 lbs., the offspring of these 2 might be small at birth, but the adult size of these offspring could go either way, you could end up with a 200+ lb. pig that looks like a KuneKune or a 100 lb. pig that looks like an American Yorkshire.   And even if you keep breeding the runts from these new litters, no breeder can guarantee that the offspring will not inherit the genetics of the larger pig, even generations away from the original breeding.



Why We Choose The Juliana Pigs
Mini, Micro, Super Mini are Descriptions, NOT Breeds.
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About Juliana Pigs
Juliana pigs are the smallest of all miniature pigs. Unlike potbelly pigs, which have been bred down over the years to be small, Juliana pigs are naturally small. They only stand 10-16" tall and usually weigh 30-60 pounds. Pictures do not do these pigs justice. Juliana miniature Pet Pigs, as with all other pigs, grow for over three years. The most growth is seen in the first year. After that, it's pretty minimal in comparison. Juliana pigs make great indoor or outdoor pets. They are smarter than a dog and allergy free. They can be litter box trained or trained to go out like a dog, harness trained and can learn to do tricks. They are loyal like a dog and cuddly like a cat, but here is where I will tell you again, they are NOT like a dog or a cat in many ways. Juliana pigs live an average of 15 years. They eat mini pig food, which is not expensive at all, and love to snack on fruits and veggies and graze on grass. Personally, mine never seem to want to graze, if in the yard they love to just stroll and once in a while get there nose in the dirt or roll in the grass.