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Les Petites Pigs

Since the domestic pig is a major domesticated animal, it is known by many names.


Boar: a male domesticated pig.

Barrow: a castrated male pig.

Queen:  a female pig that has never been mated.

Gilt: a female pig that has not been pregnant.

Sow:  is a mature, female pig.

Farrow: (verb) a Sow may farrow a litter of piglets.

Farrow: (noun) a litter of piglets.

Porcine:  anything resembling or characteristic of pigs

Swine: the breed may be either swine or pig.

Pig: the breed may be either pig or swine.

Hogs:  larger specimens of swine or pigs in the U.S.

Piglet: small or young swine.

Dam: a female parent of a four-legged animal.

Sire: a male parent, esp of a horse or other domestic animal.



Glossary of Swine Terms