I have done my homework on what is allowed in the state, county and area I live in for breeding and selling Pigs as Pets.  As a breeder I will comply with any local, state or federal laws and the recommendations of my Veterinarian on how to handle and care for all the Pigs.


In the State of Missouri, according to the Missouri Department of Agriculture there is no license required for owning, breeding and selling Pigs as Pets.  They do want the Pigs to have some form of identification if we are going to sell them, but it is not required by law.  All of our Pigs will be micro chipped.


The USDA: No licensing required to breed mini pigs as pets.


In Lincoln County, Missouri, there is no license required for owning, breeding and selling Pigs as Pets.


Our farm is also outside of the city limits of Moscow Mills and we do not live in a subdivision with Livestock rules.


Before purchasing a Pig as a Pet, please check with your area to make sure you are not breaking any laws or rules that might lead to legal issues or heartbreak for your family.

Licensing for Livestock-Pigs as Pets
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Shipping A Pig
Pigs are considered livestock, no matter what the size. The only Pig that has been officially considered a pet by the USDA is the Vietnamese Pot Belly Pig. So when shipping your pig across state lines for any reason you must check with that states guidelines for importing a pig into that state. All States Require a Health Certificate supplied by a Licenses Veterinarian. IT DOES NOT MATTER IF THE SHIPPER DOES NOT REQUIRES ONE. If you are asked for your pigs Health Certificate and don't have one, your pig can be quarantined for up to 30 days at your expense. If your breeder says, "I have never had to have one", this is a red flag! RUN! The Health Certificate is only valid for 10-30 days, depending on the state, and must comply with the states requirements. The Veterinarian issuing the Health Certificate must have seen and Vet checked that animal within 24 hours of issuing the Health Certificate. There is a cost for obtaining a Health Certificate from the Veterinarian and your breeder will pass that cost onto you. You can look up your state requirements by following this link: http://www.aphis.usda.gov/404.shtml