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Dawn and Jim Blackburn

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Les Petites Pigs
JP - Red Juliana Boar

JP has very large soft eyes.  When he looks at you, you can tell there is some kind of understanding taking place.

Date of Birth: April 19, 2012

Height: 16"

Weight: 65 lbs.


JP is a full Juliana.  We have a pedigree on him going back 3 generation for both his parents.  His papers say he is red, but as he has matured he is a very light gray.


JP is very outgoing and really wants to be scratched and loved on.  He is very smart and learned to sit for a treat in just a few ties.  He will wear a harness with no fuss.  Over the summer we installed a nipple drinking water system and he went right over and started to drink out of it.  It took the Anna Mae and Ruthie weeks to figure it out.


After JP breeding with Anna Mae in May we saw a personality change in JP.  We knew the girls would go into season every 21-28 days.  Now that he understands what this means, on those days, JP becomes all BOAR.  Even with the Sows in a separated pen from him, he knows and he doesn't want anyone near his girls.


I don't want anyone to be alarmed by this, most uncut or un-neutered livestock act the same way, from Rooster to Horses, but once they are cut(or neutered) they make great pets.  Not all uncut males are like this, but as a general rule, I would say always have a healthy respect for them if they are not.  I am telling all of you this because most breeders don't, and I want to make it clear why I will NOT sell and un-neutered male as a pet.


So we are now taking a different approach with JP.  Because we do not ever know exactly when the Sows will go into season, we do not enter the pen with him, if I need to be in his indoor run he is closed outside, if I need to be in his outdoor pen he is indoors.  I do not allow my grandchildren to pet him or put there hands in his pen.  I still pet him and rub his belly, but only after I have been in the barn for a while and know where his head is.  I can say he has not been aggressive with me, but he will charge at my husband on those days.


There are also other things that a Boar will do that you don't want him doing in your home or to you or your children.  A Boar, like a dog will hump you.  And if you think it is hard to get a dog off you while it is doing this, getting a Boar off is next to impossible.  Also, with a Boar, this is not just a simulated action, they will ejaculate, yes you read that right.  And they will do this often, not just when humping your leg.  Have I discouraged you yet from owning an un-neutered male?  If not, call me and we can talk about it.  If you purchase an un-neutered male as a pet--GET IT NEUTERED, PLEASE!


I am telling you all of this so you understand it when I tell you that I will never sell a male that is un-neutered unless I know that the person purchasing it understands and is prepared for what they are purchasing.  I have read on many group post boards about un-neutered males starting to bite.  They are doing what comes natural and looking to become the leader of their herd, your family.  If left un-neutered they will from time to time try to assert themselves and take the dominate spot in the herd throughout their lives.  Also, the testosterone in an un-neutered Boar makes them very strong.  JP could move any piece of furniture in our house if he wanted to.


Russel - Juliana Boar

Date of Birth: July 2013

Height: pending

Weight: 55 lbs.


Russell is the newest member of our breeding program.  We believe him to be full Juliana, but his previous owner did not have any paperwork on him.  Russell was a year old when we purchased him in July.


His previous owner purchased him with the intent on becoming a breeder only to learn it wasn't as easy as she thought it would be.  He is small in height but has that boar build.  We really like his personality.  Even though he was not handled much his first year of life he is still very friendly and not aggressive at all, even when the girls are in season.


We have him in with Anna Mae at this time and are hoping for Spring 2015 babies.