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Dawn and Jim Blackburn

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Les Petites Pigs

Our breeding program was developed with the help of our Veterinarian, which also happens to be our daughter, Dr. Kristie Lynn with the Hermann Veterinary Clinic in Herman Missouri.


We choose our 3 breeders based on three characteristics: disposition, conformation, and size.  We made sure they were not inbreed or sibling and came from a reputable breeder.  We will never inbreed.  We want our piglet’s to be born as healthy as possible.


Size does not determine personality, and in the end that is what is most important in a good pet.  One that is happy to be with you, that is smart and egger to learn.


We will not breed a sow more than twice a year and only when our Veterinarian has cleared her to be breed.  Our Pigs are our pets and we want them to be healthy and happy.


All our Pigs are kept on a strict vaccination and de-worming program.  We have never had Mange, Lice, Flea or Worm issues and I intend to keep it that way.


Our Breeding Program
Dr. Kristie Lynn, DVM
Hermann Veterinary Clinic
2094 Hwy 100
Hermann, MO 65041 Companion Animal and Livestock

instruction on the package.  The manufacturer of these feeds spend countless hours and dollars on research to provide the best and most compete feed for your Pet Pig, follow their instructions or those of your Veterinarian, not some web page from a well meaning breeder.  When fed properly you will have a healthy happy Pet Pig.  An underfeed Pig will get aggressive and an overweight Pig will develop health issues.  Babies are left with their mothers until they are old enough to be weaned, around 21 days.  This is based on the recommendation of our Veterinarian.  We will only bottle feed a piglet if it is absolutely necessary for it's survival. Babies always do better physically and behaviorally when allowed to stay with their mother.


From the day they are born we spend hours, holding them, putting a harness on and off, giving them a bath, setting in their pen with them just waiting for them to come over to us, teaching them that it is safe to be alone in a kennel, letting them explore the house (which is very scary to them), taking them outside on a harness, exposing them to the other animals (they love the dogs), scratching them and rubbing their bellies.


The piglets will only be sold when they have been weaned, spayed or nurtured, had their first set of shots, wormed, micro chipped and cleared by our Veterinarian.  When you purchase a Pet Pig from Les Petites Pigs you will never have to worry about receiving a sick piglet.