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Dawn and Jim Blackburn

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Les Petites Pigs

 We purchased all 3 of our Juliana's as adults.  They were originally purchased by Carolyn Peevler in Vandellia, Missouri from the Ahren's Hobby Farm, in Anna, IL.  Carolyn had raised KuneKune's for a number of years and was very familiar with raising pigs.  She decided to change to Juliana's in 2012 and purchased 5 Juliana's from Ahren's Hobby Farm.  In March of 2013 Carolyn and her husband decided to travel during retirement and raising Pigs did not fit into those plans.  In April of 2013 we purchased Carolyn's Boar and 2 Queens.  When we decided to raise Juliana Pet Pigs, we had already determined in our breeding plan that 1 Boar and 2 Sows was the size of herd we wanted to start with.


Carolyn gave these 3 Juliana's an excellent start.  The were loved, handled, litter box trained and social, but they had alway lived in the barn and never been on a harness or leash.  So we knew, purchasing adults was not going to be like purchasing a piglet and raising it here.


We already had a large pole barn and just had to create living space for our new arrivals.  They have large indoor runs with dogs doors that lead to large outdoor runs.  We have 3 pens, one for JP, and 2 for Ruthie and Anna Mae that connect.  They have full run of both pens until one of them has piglets and then they are separated.  When we first brought them home they used a litter pan in the indoor runs but soon we learned that they really preferred to go outside to go potty.  They now NEVER potty inside and go to the same spot outside, I wish all animals were this easy.


I was raised in Iowa and my Uncle had a large (100's of Sows) Sow operation.  I spent many summers on their farm and was familiar with the raising of Swine.  I am also blessed with a daughter that shared my love of animals so much that she became a Veterinarian, and not only a Veterinarian, but a large animal Veterinarian.   Even with all of that we still have to say, "We have learned a lot, and have remembered a lot of what my Uncle said", since April.




I am blessed to get to work from home and I can see their outdoor runs from my office window.  Over the summer it has been fun to watch them play in their swimming pools.  Ruthie is a collector, she puts anything she can in a pile.  I had to strap down their food dishes to keep her from stacking them.  She collects rocks and puts them in a stack, and Anna Mae is not allowed near them.  JP likes to run and spin.  It always amazes me how fast they are and how high they can jump.




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