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Dawn and Jim Blackburn

Moscow Mills, MO 63362


Les Petites Pigs

Date of Birth: April 21, 2012

Height: 15"

Weight: 45 lbs.



Anna Mae was shy at first and it took months to get her to let us touch her.  She would come up to you for a treat but when you reached for her she would back away.  They day she rolled over for a belly rub was a big deal for us.  She will now allow us to touch her and we have even been able to put a harness on her.  The reason our measurements for her are a range is because she is still afraid of the tape measure, but we are working in it.  We are hoping it won't be to much longer before she well be able to walk around the yard on a leash.


Anna Mae is in with Russell at this time and we are hoping for Spring 2015 babies.   This will be Anna Mae's 3rd litter.  You can see photos and updates of her first 2 litters on facebook.  She is Normansnotjustapig momma.


Gestation for a Sow is 3 months, 3 weeks and 3 days.

Anna Mae - Grey Juliana Sow
Anna Mae

She is a stunning pig with great color and markings.  Photos taken August 2015

Date of Birth: July 6, 2012

Height: 15"

Weight: 55 lbs.


From the first week we brought her home you could put a harness on her, and after a few weeks she would walk around the yard on a leash.  She is very social and gets along great with all our other animals.  She is kinda like a small child when she has decided something is hers, and does not want to share with Anna Mae  This can include toys, the swimming pool and rocks.  She is a collector, and likes to stack things.  She will make a pile of rocks and hide them under the ramp going from the outside run to the inside run.  I move her rocks so it give her something to do when she has to go gather them up again.


Ruthies first two litters produces smart healthy babies.  See the photo page for images of her first litters.  Ruthie is currently breed to JP and we are expect March 2015 babies.

Ruthie - Brown Juliana Sow

Ruthie is almost white, when she blows her coat and the new one comes in she is so pretty. In this photo we were weaning her July litter, but you can see she is alreay getting her figure back.  Photos taken August 2015

Out for a stroll in the yard in August 2013.  Next to her is our 8 year old toy poodle, "Sammie".  She weight's 5 lbs.  So hopefully this gives a good size on Ruthie.  Pigs are very heavy for the height they are.