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Les Petites Pigs

All of our piglets are Juliana Pigs.  We have 2 sows and 1 boar.  We will only have 1 litter of piglets at a time to insure that your piglet gets the care and attention it needs to go on in life as a great pet.  This also gives us the opportunity to get to know each piglet and be able to tell you about their personalities.


This is a hobby and a passion, not a living.  We reserve the right to refuse the sale of one of our piglets for any reason.  We spend a great deal of time with the piglets getting them ready to make you a great family pet and are very attached to them.  It is our goal to place each piglet with a loving family.


Piglets are weaned at 21 days of age.  They are eating solid food and have been spayed or neutered, micro-chipped, wormed, had their first set of shots and check by our Veterinarian before they go to your home.  Each litter and piglet is different, so the exact time we will let a piglet leave and go to it's new home may vary.  6-8 weeks of age should be the average.




If you have done your homework and read all about owning a pet pig and think your ready, fill out the contact form, email me or call me anytime.  I do not take deposits until we have talked on the phone.  I am hear to answer any questions anytime, even if you decide one of my pigs isn't the right fit for your family.


ALL Pigs and Piglets must have a Health Certificate issued by a Veterinarian to cross ANY state line.  THIS IS THE LAW.  If you get pulled over, even for a ticket, and do not have this, they can take your piglet and quarantine it for 30 days, at the emotional expense of the piglet and financial expenses to you.  A health certificate is $35-$65.  This also keeps you from receiving an unhealthy piglet.


Purchasing A Piglet So, you think your ready for a piglet--Call ME! If you live out of the State of Missouri
More On Shipping

Dawn and Jim Blackburn

Moscow Mills, MO 63362


Having Your Piglet Shipped

I will ship piglets, but only with a direct flight.  Shipping is usually $250-$300, plus the shipping crate, $40-$60.   This is very stressful for a piglet, but they do seem to handle it very well.  If you are interested in one of my piglets and live out of state we can talk about this option.


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