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Les Petites Pigs
Piglets grow very fast the first 6-8 weeks of life. Below are image of piglets at various ages. You can see what a healthy piglet looks like at these ages. A piglet that is only a few days old is still very pink, almost translucent, and they have a very narrow hip, these are the images you see on a lot of websites. A 2-3 month old piglet should not look like an under 10 day old piglet, no matter what the size. Even when a piglet is small it should still look and have the confirmation of it's age. By the time they are 5 days old, they should have hair, good color and have started to round out from a good diet of mama's milk. I am telling you this so you can hopefully learn what age a piglet is by comparing them to these images. When you see the photo of a piglet next to a soda can or other objects--what age is that piglet?
What a Healthy Piglet Should Look Like
Piglets-Newborn to age 3 days
Piglets-5 days
Piglets-10 days
Piglet-19 days
28 days
Piglet-35 days